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Top 10 books about working life

25/05/2017 Σχολιάστε

Oliver Akers Douglas



From daydreaming about sex to the politics of tea-making, Melville’s reluctant scrivener to Sylvia Plath’s New York internship, here are some of the best books about the nine-to-five

Male office clerks working for the London and South Western railways at Nine Elms, Wiltshire, 1916

Just the job … office clerks in 1916. Photograph: Hulton Getty


Joanna Biggs, The Guardian, Wednesday 29 April 2015

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18 Libraries Every Book Lover Should Visit In Their Lifetime / Book Lovers on Canvas

13/05/2017 1 Σχολιο

18 Libraries Every Book Lover Should Visit In Their Lifetime


If you love books, libraries are some of the most spectacular buildings in the world.

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25+ Of The Most Majestic Libraries In The World

07/05/2017 Σχολιάστε

The National Library Of Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

By Lina D.

Though they are losing ground to the e-book and the audio book, libraries were once central hubs of human intellectual progress. There’s something about them that still attracts people, however – whether it’s their magnificent architecture or the unmistakable smell of books and dust, scholars and dreamers alike still enjoy perusing their hoards of literary treasures.

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Bruno Latour’s anthropology of the moderns

29/03/2017 1 Σχολιο


Lemmen, Georges (Belgian, 1865-1916)



A reply to Maniglier


Jan/Feb 2015, Gunnar Skirbekk


An Inquiry into Modes of Existence: An Anthropology of the Moderns – published with the motto: si scires donum Dei (for those who do not know the Holy Scripture, this is John 4.10: ‘if you knew God’s gift’) – is said to be the result of Bruno Latour’s research over the last twenty-five years. [1] The book was presented euphorically in three reviews in Le Monde, comparing Latour with the great philosophers of the past, and, most recently, in an article by Patrice Maniglier published in Radical Philosophy (‘A Metaphysical Turn?, Radical Philosophy 187, September/October 2014), which concludes that ‘Latour has produced what will henceforth stand as one of the great philosophical proposals of our time’. In what follows, I will present a rather different view.

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The Year in Reading

01/02/2017 Σχολιάστε

In this season of giving, we asked some notably avid readers — who also happen to be poets, musicians, diplomats, filmmakers, novelists, actors and artists — to share the books that accompanied them through 2016.


DEC. 19, 2016

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‘Why Homer Matters’ by Adam Nicolson

25/01/2017 Σχολιάστε



Warrior king: A funerary mask from the shaft graves at Mycenae, circa 16th century B.C.Credit Universal History Archive/Getty Images

By BRYAN DOERRIESDEC. 26, 12, 2014, The New York Times, SUNDAY BOOK REVIEW

“Homer has become a kind of scripture for me, an ancient book, full of urgent imperatives and ancient meanings, most of them half discerned, to be puzzled over. It is a source of wisdom.” So begins the third chapter of Adam Nicolson’s highly accessible new book, “Why Homer Matters,” in which he compares his relationship with epic poetry to a form of possession, a “colonization of the mind by an imaginative presence from the past.” The world needs more Adam Nicolsons, unabashedly passionate evangelists for the power of ancient poetry to connect us with our collective past, illuminate our personal struggles and interrogate our understanding of human history.

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The best libraries in the world

22/01/2017 1 Σχολιο

Best Libraries From Around The World - The Admont

18 Libraries Every Book Lover Should Visit In Their Lifetime

Asta Thrastardottir

Jan. 1, 2015, If you love books, libraries are some of the most spectacular buildings in the world.

To celebrate these monumentally important buildings, we’ve complied a list of the most magnificent libraries on the planet.

From a library hidden in the forests of Beijing to one in Egypt that was designed like a sundial, these are the libraries that all book lovers should visit in their lifetime.

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