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Οι ανθρωπιστικές σπουδές στην εποχή του Pac-Man

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Αμφορέας, 530 π.Χ. – Ενιαίος αμφορέας του καλλιτέχνη Εξηκία



Καφαντάρης Τάσος, ΤΟ ΒΗΜΑ, 7.6.2015


Οι αρχαίοι επιστρέφουν από την «πίσω πόρτα» των θετικών επιστημών που φαίνονται να συνειδητοποιούν ότι δεν μπορούν να προχωρήσουν χωρίς αυτούς. Συνέντευξη με τον Χρυσόστομο Νικία, πρόεδρο του Πανεπιστημίου της Νότιας Καλιφόρνιας

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The Autonomy of Biology

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Ernst Mayr

Walter Arndt Lecture: Ernst Mayr

Science as we know it is the product of developments in the 17th and 18th centuries. What was conceived as science is indicated by the names Galileo, Kepler, Newton, Descartes, and Leibniz. It was the glorious rise of the physical sciences advancing from triumph to triumph. It was physics what people meant when they talked about science, biology was never included. The science of biology was a creation of the l9th century. Of course, there were branches of medicine such as anatomy, physiology, and embryology that we now include in biology but they were concerned with healing and were not considered to be the part of a separate science of biology. At the same time there was also a flourishing pursuit of natural history under the label of Natural Theology. A genuine biology remained dormant until the 19th century.

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